Resignation of William Short, CEO


September 7, 2016

Re: Resignation

It is with a heavy heart that I announce I am stepping down from my active duties as the Chief Executive Officer for The Dream Fund, effective immediately.

When I launched The Dream Fund at my junior high school in 2007, I never could have dreamed we’d be where we are today.  In the last 9 years we have raised upwards of $150,000, hosted countless successful fundraisers and events, and most importantly we’ve made dreams come true for 30 sick children and their families.  It has been an absolute pleasure to be at the forefront of these accomplishments—working with, meeting, and affecting the lives of so many people.

Having completed my Bachelor of Business Administration about two years ago I have been working hard to develop my personal career.    While my role within The Dream Fund has always been voluntary I have held enormous responsibility over the years, taking up much of my free time outside of school and work.  As I work to build a successful career, as well as other aspects of my personal life, it has become evident that I need to step away and reduce my responsibilities with The Dream Fund.  Don’t worry, I’m not disappearing completely, I’ll still be performing some administrative duties and volunteering wherever possible.

Knowing that eventually I may have to step away or decrease my responsibilities I have worked with our Board of Directors to make necessary changes to The Dream Fund, and I have personally put a lot of time and energy into ensuring we had the best board members to actively take a lead in the organization’s future.  I am confident that The Dream Fund’s Board of Directors, in coordination with a dedicated group of volunteers across the province, is prepared to take the reigns.

I encourage everyone to continue supporting The Dream Fund as we continue making dreams come true for sick children across Newfoundland & Labrador.  Donate, volunteer, attend an event, or plan your own fundraisers—there are so many ways to show your support for this incredible local charity.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at or 709-277-5177.


William Short
Founder & CEO
The Dream Fund

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