Our 10th Anniversary: June 21, 2017


10 years ago today, a dream came true.

On June 21, 2007, The Dream Fund was launched at Pearce Junior High School in Burin, NL. A lot can happen in 10 years and we’re proud to say that we’ve put smiles on the faces of 30 sick children across our province.

Come celebrate with us this year!

The Crest:
Our 10th Anniversary crest was designed to incorporate many elements.

  • The colours come directly from The Dream Fund’s current logo, keeping the same colour scheme since we launched as the Short Circuit Dream Fund in 2007.
  • The yellow circle represents the sun from our original SCDF logo, rising above the horizon.
  • The boy with balloons comes directly from our current logo. Here, he is sailing through the sky, silhouetted by the sun, as he explores his dreams.
  • The dark green line represents the horizon above which the sun is rising. It can also represent the rolling, grassy fields of our own dreams.
  • The dark green line cuts through the bottom of the 10 to show that we aren’t finished yet. So long as there are sick children, we’ll be there to put a smile on their face.


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