Colton’s Dream – November 1, 2012

by: Tom Luke

In 2010, two-year-old Colton St. Croix was diagnosed with lymphoma, devastating his parents Roxann Coombs and Cory St. Croix. He began treatment shortly afterward, which was a tremendously difficult period for his parents, though Colton himself remained upbeat. According to his mother, Colton was cheerful throughout his treatment – waking up every day with a smile on his face – and barely seemed to notice his condition. He was admitted to the Janeway Children’s Hospital for only three weeks out of two years of treatment, and frequently went shopping with his parents right after chemotherapy!

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Despite Colton taking it in stride, the realities of his illness were overwhelming to his family. They reached out to The Dream Fund, who made Colton’s dream come true, providing some joy to Colton and his family in a difficult time.

Colton’s parents found out about the charity through friends they made at the Janeway and applied shortly afterward. On the application, Colton’s family wrote in some toys Colton wanted, but The Dream Fund far exceeded their expectations.

Colton’s Dream was presented on November 1st, 2012 at the Miss Achievement Talent Show, hosted at MacDonald Drive Junior High. Miss Achievement Newfoundland and Labrador is a not-for-profit scholarship program for young women aged thirteen to eighteen, which aims to encourage the growth of well-rounded leaders. The outgoing Miss Teen Achievement had been an active volunteer with The Dream Fund, and the organization was exited to help The Dream Fund with their presentation.

Colton received a large number of different gifts, including a basketball net, a Blu-Ray player, a remote-control truck and a huge flat-screen television, the last of which is still on display in his family’s living room. His favourites, however, were a miniature dune buggy and a stuffed Black Lab, just like his dog. Colton was shy at first, but couldn’t wait to play with his dune buggy and did donuts in the MacDonald Drive gymnasium. The Dream Fund’s founder William Short joked that he was a better driver than half the people in St. John’s.

Ms. Coombs was overwhelmed with emotion, crying throughout the presentation, and when asked about her experience with The Dream Fund said that it was “amazing to know that there are still good people out there.” She sent The Dream Fund some photos of Colton later that evening; he had refused to go to bed was still playing with his toys.

The presentation, in addition to helping a wonderful family, was also an opportunity to spread the word about The Dream Fund to a greater audience. Dream presentations before Colton’s Dream were usually public; however, the Miss Achievement Talent show had an audience from across the province. Colton’s Dream was a chance for the new charity to gain widespread exposure, and reach families in need from outside the St. John’s area.

The Coombs-St. Croix family were moved by this experience and are deeply appreciative to The Dream Fund. Fortunately, Colton finished treatment for lymphoma in December 2012, and has been healthy ever since.