QuestionIs the The Dream Fund a registered Canadian charity?

Yes. We officially became a registered charity on July 1, 2009. Our Business Number is BN829473495 RR0001. You can find more information about registered charities on the Canada Revenue Agency website.

Wait, weren’t you called the Short Circuit Dream Fund (SCDF)?

Yes. We started in 2007 as the Short Circuit Dream Fund. After six fantastic years the Board of Directors decided to re-brand the charity for a variety of reasons and we officially became The Dream Fund on January 1, 2014.  Our new name and new brand was launched on March 20, 2014, the first day of Spring.

How is the The Dream Fund different from other gift-giving organizations?

The Dream Fund is different from other gift-giving organizations in the size of our gifts and the timing in which these gifts are delivered. Other organizations tend to provide a child with very large gifts, such as trips to Disney Land and other major national/international events. At The Dream Fund, we strive to give critically ill children the small things that they need to make them happy while still receiving treatments for their illness. We also take a special interest in financial need when determining the order of approval. Another difference we pride ourselves in is that The Dream Fund was started by a youth (William Short was 14 when he founded The Dream Fund) and we hope that it will continue to be youth-led in the future.

Are there limitations to a Dream from The Dream Fund?

A Dream from The Dream Fund can cost a maximum of $3000. Dreams should also be in the best interest of the child’s health and well-being.

Who is an eligible candidate for The Dream Fund?

Eligible candidates for The Dream Fund are children aged 0-18, inclusive who are currently being treated for a critical illness. Applications will be approved in order of financial need and several other factors. The following are requirements to apply for a Dream from The Dream Fund:

The Dream Recipient must:

  1. be a resident of Newfoundland and Labrador;
  2. be aged 0-18, inclusive, at the time the application is received;
  3. be receiving treatments for a critical illness at the time the application is received;
  4. be in financial need (not required, however this is a factor in approval).

If a child has received help from another gift-giving organization, are they still a candidate for The Dream Fund?

Yes. Children who have received help from another organization will be a candidate for The Dream Fund. However, this will be a factor in the order of approval.

How can I contribute?

To find out more about how you can contribute to The Dream Fund take a look at our “Ways to Give” tab. We’re always looking for new volunteers, donors, and Board Members to help make our organization better.

Where can I get an application?

Applications are available for you to download here. If you don’t have a printer or would prefer to receive an application by another means, please Contact Us.

Where can I find more information regarding The Dream Fund?

For more information about The Dream Fund, please visit our About page, or Contact Us with any specific questions.